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SMART TRACK is one of the largest providers of technology enabled solutions & services to the Road transportation sector in the world with presence and customers across 50+ countries. SMART TRACK operates through a network of Local telematics Services providers . With a huge experience across diverse domains and innovative approach towards specific solutions has created a new waves in the field of telematics. No matter what your company’s size and requirements, t4u has the right solution for you.

  • Innovative way for traking your vehicles
  • Real time GPS tracking with mobile access
  • Track your Vehicle every minute of the day
  • Secure and Reliable Tracking Solution
  • Excellent user experience
  • Generate Instant reports

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This will be implemented using RFID technology. An RFID reader is xed on one of the side of the door and RFID tag (passive) on the other side of the door.


The Live Vision window in the application provides location information about all the registered vehicles in one window.It covers various pieces of information.


Fleet Maintenance includes Inventory modules, Workshop modules, Statutory Management, Preventive Maintenance, Break-down Maintenance Etc.


Fuel Cost Management system is a sophisticated system that uses the combination of data analysis, live fuel monitoring and distance monitoring.


Learn About SmartTrack

SmartTack offrers a user-friendly,cost-effective solution for tracking & alerting.

Distribution Solution

Aim towards Safety and Customer Satisfaction, To improve the distribution efficiency.

Mobile Application

For Android app, by default back option is available in the handset which can be used for going back to Live Vision.”

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Safety of Drivers and Trucks

Thanks to vehicle tracking systems it is possible to reduce traffic accidents.

Better Service for Customers

All the information gained from vehicle tracking system can lead into better management of business processes.

Employee Management

Vehicle tracking system can bring the advantage of better employee management thanks to information on fuel management and monitoring of driver’s behaviour.

Improved Administration

Administration is facilitated thanks to vehicle tracking systems. Time saved on administration can be used for processes.

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