Escorting Your Cash

Manage full internal inventory including purchasing and stocking that are fully integrated with ledger accounts and gain visibility of maintenance cost on each vehicle. Make necessary business decisions on spares purchase, inventory carrying costs, selection of vendor, selling of vehicle etc. and help your business to grow to the next level.

or quickly get a few hundreds you need to pay off a waiting taxi. Ever wondered the thought and routine that goes into getting these cash vans out there and be trusted to deliver the huge amount of money they transportliterally while going ATM hopping. Cash van sourcing to driver verification to gunman/gun detailing all come under its purview and none of these can be compromised given the increasing number of cash van thefts in the recent time.

Pain Points

• Lack of clarity on security of cash post vault clear out.

• Inadequate information of vehicle movement in real time.

• Schedule/Route adherence lapse.

• Cash collection and ATM loading information.

• Emergency intimation and handling.

• Lack of visibility of field activity.

• Vehicle maintenance records.

Salient Features

  • ATM Cash Replenishment
  • Retail Cash Collection
  • Visibility on Cash in Transit
  • Cash Escort Services
  • Cash Processing and Sorting
  • Route demarcation guidance
  • Vehicle maintenance and management
  • Bullion management
  • Safety functionalities


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