The Milk Tanker Logistics Operations, Concerns & Pain Areas

• Point to point Delivery Monitoring
• On-time delivery of Milk to the processing Plant
• Scheduled route follow-up by the vehicles
• Expected Time of Arrival of the vehicle at the Plant
• Turn-Around time of vehicles
• Distance traveled and related billing concerns.
• Safety & Security of vehicles / consignment
• Pilferage of Milk / en-route adulteration

The Milk Packets Distribution Logistics Operations, Concerns & Pain Areas

• Route Adherence
• On time delivery at the retail outlet
• Scheduled route follow-up by the vehicles
• Vehicle and Route allocation control
• Empty Crates return logistics monitoring
• Safety & Security of vehicles / consignment
• Pilferage of Milk / en-route adulteration
• Temperature monitoring and un-authorised opening of rear doors …leading to increase in temperature inside the container and enhanced risk of milk getting spoilt.


"We have been using SMART TRACK in our fleet since 2009. Fuel management is awesome, accuracy of the fuel report is around 95% and fuel pilferage has been reduced significantly."

Mr. Kanti Bhai (Transport Manager)


"We have fitted SMART TRACK to our fleet and we are happy with the technical support and the reliability of the system. We can track unauthorized movement of the vehicle and monitoring of over speed."

Mr. Khalid H. Khalid (Transport Manager)

- Silent Road Haulage Ltd

"Just a note of thanks to you and the staff at SMART TRACK for incredibly fast response to our queries and request. Not to mention the fact that this software is great to use. Thanks again"

Mr. Naheed(Head of Transport Department)


"We appreciate the economical and excellent software and service you have provided to us. Thanks for helping us to get install the tracking software in our all fleets"

Ms. Nita Badera (Director)


"SMART TRACK comes with mobile application for Android and I Phone, which enable us to track fleet with phones at ease."

Mr. Vincent (Account Head)


"We are very happy with SMART TRACK for the past four years, and have always been satisfied with their services. They do excellent job all always punctual at time and after the most reliable price."

Mr. Ochieng (Transport Manager)


"Distribution point of view, SMART TRACK software is excellent, it’s always gives alert,when goods have been delivered to delivery point, now we are saving time."

Mr. Douglas (Logistics Manager)


"I am using this SMART TRACK only for FLEET MAINTENANCE software, now I can get accurate report of our all fleet maintenance and Job cards."

Mr. Vineet Patel (Director)


"We were facing challenges of theft from our canters. So we approached SMART TRACK they give excellent solution of door sensor through which we can manage doors of canters and reduce pilferage."

Mr. Nadil (Transport Manager)


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