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    What is Smart Track

    Real-time vehicle tracking systems rely on both the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and a cellular system. A GPS tracking module continuously picks up the vehicle's precise coordinates,which determines the real-time location of the vehicle that is being tracked. Using a cellular data serv ...

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    How Its Work

    Smart track is developed around GPS tracking unit which is your mobile device (phone or tablet) or device of your employee. All tracked data like GPS position and mileage data are sent through GSM data plan (e.g. 3G, 4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi to where they are stored. With Web Management Appl ...

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    Why Us

    SMART TRACK is one of the largest providers of technology enabled solutions & services to the Road transportation sector in the world with presence and customers across 50+ countries. t4u has a range of Business Solutions and services for Transport operations which are ready to deploy. SMART TRACK o ...

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    Mobile Application

    Smart track are designed for customer to get a Real time status, Activities, Alerts related to Assets on the go with Smartphones and Tablets across Android and IOS platforms. Below are the images of the mobile application: 1. LoginPage: 2. Home, live vision and live location

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