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    Advance Tracking

    DOOR SENSOR This will be implemented using RFID technology. An RFID reader is xed on one of the side of the door and RFID tag (passive) on the other side of the door. When the door is closed the RFID Tag is in close proximity with the Reader and hence it will forward output as “Door Cl ...

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    Basic Tracking

    Multiple Vehicle Monitoring - Test The Live Vision window in the application provides location information about all the registered vehicles in one window. It covers various pieces of information like: Google Maps Google Earth OpenStreet Maps Yahoo Maps It also provides an option to ...

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    Fleet Maintenance includes Inventory modules, Workshop modules, Statutory Management, Preventive Maintenance, Break-down Maintenance modules, etc., clients can have a comprehensive maintenance management platform. Following are some reporting structures:- Exception monitoring & repor ...

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    Fuel Cost Management system is a sophisticated system that uses the combination of data analysis, live fuel monitoring, distance monitoring and refuel data to control, monitor and measure their fuel costs. A considerable percentage of the fuel cost is cut down with the presence of such a syst ...

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