Temperature Monitoring Unit is used to monitor the ambient temperature of reefer vehicles.This is useful when the quality of the  transported items is highly dependent on temperature. The temperature monitoring unit maintains a continuous transmission of data about the container temperature so that any fluctuations are immediately identified and acted upon. Once the rules are defined, the system instantly triggers an alert to the operator when any of these rules are violated. This means that the operator gets an immediate alert in case of abnormal temperature rise/fall and can instruct the driver to take suitable actions. It is also possible to generate temperature reports for any given vehicle for any specific period of time.

Feature include:-

Temperature rise alert:-

  • Refrigeration on/o? alert                                                                           

  • Temperature report                                                                   

  •  Predefining di?erent temperature levels for di?erent trips

  •  Current temperature visibility

  •  Visual representation of temperature rise pattern

  •  Immediate damage control in cases of refrigeration failure

  •  Reduced chances of spoilage      


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