This will be implemented using RFID technology. An RFID reader is xed on one of the side of the door and RFID tag (passive) on the other side of the door. When the door is closed the RFID Tag is in close proximity with the Reader and hence it will forward output as “Door Closed” along with the normal Location data. As & when the Door opens either the Reader or Tag will loose the proximity and at this juncture the system will forward the output as “Door Open”. The onlychallenge here is to gure out a way to mount the RFID Tag so that it is safe and dicult to tamper.

Benefits of this application:

Management will be able to monitor door open/close live status on the live data

Ensures door is opened only at a specific point Alerts will pop up incase door is opened in an unauthorized location. Management can ensure no lose of valuable goods during the trip.


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