SMARTTRacks Application

Smart track are designed for customer to get a Real time status, Activities, Alerts related to Assets on the go with Smartphones and Tablets across Android and IOS platforms.

Below are the images of the mobile application:

1. LoginPage:

2. Home, live vision and live location:

Once logged into application, by default live vision will be displayed.?All the vehicles registered and assigned to user will be shown with current status: Asset Number, Last communicating Date Time, Speed and location.?Once user clicks on Asset number, live location map will be shown with the vehicle position.

3. For Android app, by default back option is available in the handset which can be used for going back to Live Vision.

4. For IOS app, back option is provided on top right corner next to logout button as IOS doesn’t have back option in the handset. ?Last 24Hrs Activity report will be shown with 30min interval. Any events/alerts within the duration will be shown.